New Layout, Old New Year Resolutions and Crochet

A quick short post to say that I am going to be more regular with blogging – this has been my new year resolution for 2013 and I didn’t get around to it, but hey, 2013 isn’t over yet .. So its not too late to start.

In order to motivate myself, I have changed the theme of the blog. I did create a new one, but never got around to writing anything, so for the time being, I’ll put whatever I had wanted to put in the new blog here, and when the time comes, I’ll move it to my new blog.

My new blog was going to be around Crochet. I learnt the art at my mother’s knee. Being the only child ensured I spent a lot of time with my mum, most of which was spent trying to imitate her. I remember picking up the crochet hook very early in life and learning how to make plain straight chains – I must have made meters and meters of them – all of which I am sure my mum’s thrown away or undone to recover the yarn. A vivid memory around learning to crochet that will always stay with me, is when my mother tried to teach me how to double crochet (or dc as the stitch is known in British notation). That was the very first stitch after the chains that she taught me and her intention was to show me how to “turn” the work piece and make it grow vertically rather than horizontally (remember the meters and meters of chains that I had already made!). And though I picked it up quickly enough, I refused to believe that it was doing anything to make the work piece turn or grow vertically. And I must have stopped crochet-ing for quite a few months, maybe years.

Another fond childhood memory around crocheting is that of my mum making countless new borns’ sweaters for all her younger siblings’ children. She would also make a lot of feeding bottle covers in cotton yarn. I remember being fascinated by the shaded yarns, and how they would eventually form a very pretty pattern. I wish digital cameras and phones with cameras were popular then, because then I would have a lot of pictures of the pretty little things my mum made. Eventually I started making a few feeding bottle covers.

More recently, I made a sweater for hubby – it took me a good 5 months to make it but was worth while the effort. I’ll write the story behind the sweater and put up some snaps of it soon. Currently, I am working on a one year old girl’s frock – its for a dear friend and one of my husband’s closest friends .. its probably my way of sending a lot of good thoughts to the baby 🙂

So much for now. But more coming on soon ..