The soul of an artist, with the brain of an engineer. The oft-trodden path is not for me and I measure my success by counting the number of people who bless or curse me before they go to bed. By profession, I am a software engineer, and can express myself through a piece of code (yes, I believe that is something I “create”), through a few yards of yarn and needles (mostly crochet, but not averse to knitting) as well as through a blog such as this.

There are a few principles I believe in very firmly, and they’ll probably find an expression here somewhere. Most of my posts have been triggered off by something that happened to me or around me – something that made me get up and take notice.

Welcome to my blog and Happy Reading !!

PS – You are more than welcome to leave comments on the posts themselves, but if you’d like to get in touch with me directly, use this form:


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