Fool fool fool fool

Abraham Lincoln has very famously said:

You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people, some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time

Now that is like a theorem or lets say, an axiom. Now let me add a corollary – you can never fool yourself!

This thought has been going on in my mind, ever since I moved to London and have been noticing differences between the way things work here, and the way things work in India. One comparison that stands out is a set of events, involving people in the same profession, but their reactions were so very different. The profession – politics. The English politician has been charged of getting driving offenses marked on his wife’s license. The Indian politician has been accused of viewing porn while in the Parliament building. The English politician resigns so that he can clarify his name and not let this incident meddle with his duty of serving the public. The Indian politician just gets defiant and denies the accusation.

Now this isn’t a post about India vs Rest of the World, but it did germinate a thought in my mind – each one tries to fool someone, sometime. The point is, how much does it matter fooling others for any period of time, when there is absolutely no way you can fool yourself. How do you convince a part of you that something did not happen, or that something is right, when the whole of you knows that something DID happen or that something is NOT right? How long will you sustain the farce? Will time change the truth?

People spend an entire life time pretending to be someone. People spend an entire life time showing the world what is not correct. People spend an entire lifetime’s worth just to fool someone into believing something that does not even exist. When the world believes them, they get a high – it gives them further motive to fool the world. But are they really happy? Can they look themselves in the eye every day, every morning when they brush their teeth? Can they tell themselves, they have nothing to hide?

Wouldn’t it be much easier, if one could just be what they are? Is the world such that it forces us into a shell of make believe?


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