Fickle Relations

It’s amazing how fickle relations are in life… One moment something means a lot, and a split second later, you don’t even know what that something is… One evening, you think that your world will end if someone is not a part of it, and very  next morning, you are planning a life without that particular someone!

Well, in a way, such fickleness is good.. The moving out of something from this life, signifies place for something more meaningful to fit in. It signifies less of hurting and more of enjoying. It signifies readiness to move ahead in life and face whatever life has packed in for you with a bright smile.

But as fickle as I have seen them? One moment yes and the other no, and yet next, yes. Is this like a switch? Or is it that somethings just don’t matter if they exist or if they don’t? Well, I’ve been thoroughly surprised recently by someone close, and someone I thought I understood. And if that someone close has realized I am speaking about her, then please, take a few moments out to explain how it works…  is it something I don’t understand, or is it something that doesn’t really matter to you, or is it just that some relations are fickle and its best to leave them that fickle?



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