A Mythological Story on Destiny

I read this one long back somewhere ..

Whenever and where-ever a baby is born, on the 6th day after the birth, God Brahma, is believed to visit the child and write his/her destiny on the forehead. Now there was this great teacher. His wife has just delivered twins – a boy and a girl. When Brahma-ji was writing the destiny of the children, his disciple, was waiting outside the door of the room. When Brahma-ji stepped out of the room, this disciple begged and begged and pestered him to tell him what has he decided as the children’s future. This is against Brahma-ji’s principles and he tries to resist for long, but finally, since he’s getting late, he tells the disciple what he’s chosen for the children.

For the girl, he had slotted a life as a prostitute. And though she’d live a much cursed life, she’d be rich and earn pearls and diamonds daily. The boy, he blessed, a long and miserable life, with not much money to get by. He wrote a lot of hard work for the boy and then blessed him with a pair of bulls as his only companion. The disciple was sad but then, there wasn’t much he could do about it.

Years pass by. The great teacher dies. His wife dies. The children are left to fend for themselves, and sure enough, the girl is pushed into prostitution and her brother, lives a hard life. Then the discipline returns to find them. He’s saddened by their plight. He thinks a bit and then advises the children. To the girl he says, “You cannot help this life. It’s what has been charted for you, planned for you in advance. But, every night, when you take your customer, demand that he pay you in pearls and diamonds. Demand a big price, so big that you know, he cannot afford you.” The girl is bewildered and confused. She’s wondering if she should believe this stranger. However, one night of following his advice would not harm. To the boy, the disciple advises, “go to the market, and sell of this pair of bulls that you have. Sell them off to the first person you can, and spend the money you receive in return for them.” The boy is puzzled, but decides to follow the advice.

So, the girl, at night, refuses to take a customer, unless she’s paid her weight in gold. She does not get a customer that night. But when she wakes up in the morning, she finds a huge pearl and huge diamond beside her pillow. Encouraged by this, her brother proceeds to the market to sell off the bulls. He agrees to the first buyer and quickly spends the money in buying for his sister and himself, a decent meal. And then he returns to his place. And .. in the shed, he finds, a pair of bulls !!

The brother-sister are eternally grateful to the disciple. Though they are bound by their circumstances, they managed to get a good deal out of their destiny!! Life may not be good, but it was definitely not so bad for them. One just needs to know how to work around what’s written 🙂


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